As mentioned in passing in our board history thread, we started off on ezboard but were getting more and more pissed off with how crap they were. The final straw was when they managed to lose a year's posts on our old board included the entire "In Memoriam" forum - they blamed this on a hacker and claimed to have got the FBI involved, but I for one don't believe that story for a moment and in any event backups which were lost should have been kept separate or off-site.

ezboard refused to repay the sums paid into the community chest to keep the ads off and to pay for extra features, some of which were promised and never delivered. Oh and it was only historical chit-chat to them, apparently.

They said the service was provided "as-is" so tough! I soon got banned from their support forums and then globally banned from ezboard after they decided I was asking too many difficult questions and after they libelled me. I was also banned from the new version, Yuku, because I was "actively trying to destroy" them.

I was so incensed, I set up a blog which mainly focuses on ezboard, Yuku, its backers and its lies and unkept promises here:

Do a search on Yuku or ezboard and you'll see the long drawn out saga (to the point of apparent obsession )

The old ezboard and what's left of the posts is presently here:

We kept renewing Gold Community status from the community chest because there was no way we were going to allow them to make another cent off us by way of them showing ads. on the locked-down ezboard. We still have $389 left in the chest and Gold status until 14 October 2008 and on the basis that we were paying the minimum renewal, we would still have enough to keep it there until October 2015 doing nothing for them.

We're not actually wasting that money because these are fund that ezboard refused to refund.

Anyway, ezboard has again reneged on its promises and is forcing ezboards over to the new system, Yuku, and our old board is now stating that it will be forcibly migrated over to Yuku this week.

How This Affects You

If you had an ezboard account, you will have that account migrated over to Yuku whether you like it or not - for Yuku/ezboard/KickApps it's all about the numbers - and if it was a "local" ezboard account, you will lose your stored private messages there. They don't mention any of this anywhere...

And no, you cannot delete your Yuku account. And no, you cannot delete a Yuku board.

How This Affects the ZRXOC and this vBulletin Board

Short answer. It doesn't.

I'll be checking on the progress of the new Yuku board despite being banned from there. The idea is to keep it locked down and ad-free to stop them getting revenue from it and from our old posts. If you want to go to the support forums and tell them to shove it and demand your account to be deleted, that's your prerogative.

Slightly longer answer.

If you join the ZRXOC and claim that you were once on ezboard, I'll not be able to verify this so no more green glows or fettling to higher membership levels, though we've been here nearly three years now, so most people should have come across by now.