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15th October 2006, 12:37 PM
We would like to avoid unpleasantness or other issues on the board, so we request that everyone stick with one username, so that we all know who we are 'talking' with at all times. Same as you would face to face in a pub.

Anyone using more than one username will have all but the most current username permanently banned, thus rendering the User a 'Noob' with a '0' post count.

If you want to change your username to something similar (eg. change to Anthony instead of Ant123) please don't start up a new user account: we can change your username, that way you will keep your full post count and present access and user title levels. There are one or two additional usernames used by the Admins for testing purposes for upgrades and nothing else.

Thanks for listening
The Admin Team

15th October 2006, 12:39 PM
Anyone found to have Muliple User-names already in place before the above post will have all User-Names merged into one.