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22nd July 2018, 02:55 AM
Of our rules

2. No Flaming. While we accept good-natured name-calling, teasing, ribbing, jokes, and occasional heated arguments in the forums, we will not tolerate derogatory flames and gratuitous racial and religious insults. Such posts will be deleted on sight and moderated accordingly. If you flame a moderator or admin immediate account suspension will ensure.

A few posts have very near the knuckle of the last few days, we don't have many rules, please stick to them and remeber this board is for everyone to enjoy. If you don't agree with someone, stick them on your ignore list, there is no need for personal attacks.
You have been warned.

12th August 2018, 11:58 AM
The Admin team would also like to remind members of rule 5.

5. No Spamming and No Trolling (Malicious or overtly antagonistic attacks on other members just for the sake of it) This determination is made by the forum Moderators or Administrators and is not up for discussion.

This has been transgressed several times recently and will not be tolerated.