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    Exclamation Photo Hosting

    Grem's post about free photo hosting on the web is here:

    I've just edited it to add some details about Google's new photo hosting and free photo managment/photo editing software there:
    Google has its own photo hosting and photo organiser/editing software for free; they've called it Picasa. If you go to my website at and click on the "Google's photo software..." banner ad. at the bottom it'll take you to the download page (and I'll earn a small referral fee the first time it gets downloaded, installed and used). They're opening up Picasa photo hosting accounts a few at a time, so sign up and they'll send you an invitation when they're ready.
    Don't forget that this board allows you to upload images to use on here, but you are restricted to the total amount and the size of individual images.

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    zrx400 ELR paint job

    HI some photo`s of the paint job for my ELR lookalike, paint by art attack superb finish, will look the d b`s when the rest of the bike is done?
    PS hope photo`s come through (1`st time)

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    Re: Photo Hosting

    Not in here Dayerb.

    Start a new thread.

    Thread locked.
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