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    Front brakes(oem)

    So...during my first ride out I could hear a noise from the front end..basically when I put the brakes on the noise disappeared. They worked fine but the noise didnt go away. I thought as she'd been standing for a few years I'd strip them down and service/clean/new brake fluid. Absolute pita getting some of the pistons out. Took best part of two days to do but eventually sorted.
    Ride out this morning same noise. Hmmmmm...checked the bobbins..all stuck so after more tlc they at the least are now free.

    Searched the forum earlier and 'found' my own quetion/thread re this.. consensus was the EBC pads are too small and essentialy pivoting on the pin causing the noise..Any recommendations on pads that wont rattle?..The current 'new in 2015 and zero miles' ebc are HH.
    I know the fitting on the caliper is defined as a 'spring' BUT what does it actually do?... Mine only makes contact with the caliper via the 2 screws..I assumed it was an anti-rattle spring for the last 20 years..and no i cant remember hearing the noise before she was laid up..

    Sorted...I bent the springs (where the tang is supposed to connect with the brake pad) and voila..
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