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Thread: zrx decals

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    zrx decals

    i have a 2002 blue zrx 1200r , 60k miles (had for 17 years)
    she fell over the other day (getting better) cracked the fairing , which can be repaired , but a big BUT , the decals (white/gold/black) are no longer available
    I have the tank decals but not the fairing or tail panel ones , does anyone have any of these ?

    also i'm looking to get the rear shockers serviced (want to keep originals ) as most places i've seen been in contact with do not want to know

    she going to get some loved attention this winter


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    Re: zrx decals

    I had a look on Impex Japan for ya saussage.

    I *think* they have the fairing decals available.

    They've part numbers for the tail decals, but no stock and they're listed as out of production.

    I got a few bits for my own ZRX a couple of years ago, including Daeg decals to match my A6 paint scheme. All genuine parts and no trouble with shipping.

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    Re: zrx decals

    These will be able to help with the decals

    and these will service your shocks (they did mine)

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    Re: zrx decals

    Quote Originally Posted by ron1 View Post
    These will be able to help with the decals
    i can vouch for these blokes, spot on replicas. no difference with new ones.
    Birdie num num........

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