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Thread: Steel water pipe

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    Steel water pipe

    Good afternoon everyone I need some help fxxxxxg water pipe I have replaced the front engine steel water pipe and o rings but it just keeps leaking itís a right nightmare to do I have run out of ideas I can get the pipe out again replace o rings but it donít go back in very easy Am I missing something
    I have tried using lube on the o rings to see if that help no different
    So then I have glued seals to pipe work still leaking
    Cleaned all around the casing replaced the o rings again still leaking
    The pipe work is a new one from Kawasaki
    Any other ideas out there
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    Re: Steel water pipe

    Hiya Bombermike, I had the same problem, Nige and Al gave me a top tip.

    Clean the holes extremely well, (I used a Dremel), then Paint the holes, I used Motip Satin Black, put some acid free vaseline on yer O rings and ease yer metal pipe back into position, I did it when it was warm when the rubbers were nice and soft.

    Job was a cracker.....And my old metal pipe thingie was WELL FUCKED and had to be taken out using massive amounts of pressure.
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    Re: Steel water pipe

    Hyst grease the O rings and the holes in the block and evenly tap the coolant bar in with a dead blow hanner!

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    Re: Steel water pipe

    How and where did you get hold of that front pipe please. I been searching for weeks.

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    Re: Steel water pipe

    Cradley list it.
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