Hi folks, fairly new to the site. I am undertaking a 2001 1200S transformation. Now if I had thought I was going to create a thread on here (which I might do yet) I would have taken the before pictures closer up to the bike, but at the time I thought that distance made it look better. Any way some fundamentals need some research, so here is a question(s) for you.

I plan on doing the body work in Satin and Matt Black do I need to clear coat it or not?
If I do, do I need matt or satin lacquer?
When lacquer has been applied will the matt and satin finishes become the same and therefore not show any contrast.

For instance, I'm thinking the body work will be primarily Satin with a number of matt accents, some stripes for instance, maybe a K front and centre on the front mudguard, some shadow flames............(the teen in me says yes, yes, yes, the adult says get a life)

Any way looking forward to the responses