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Thread: Bloody screws

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    Bloody screws

    on the way home from work Wednesday night the bike felt funny . Got bike out Thursday morning to look over and found
    A bloody screw in me rear tyre and a pressure of 24lb.
    Found a place to get it fixed which won't be till end of next week as we're off on a trip to Cornwall in the car
    Off work now for 2 weeks so now have another job to do

    I'm not saying any more on tyres
    here today gone tomorrow

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    Re: Bloody screws

    Just replaced Michelin in my daughter cage, not long ago. It was a giant screw she picked up on turnpike. It was a pain to get tire replaced because of the plague - long waits, lies, and general bs. End up paying through the nose...
    Polish onslaught can lead a horse to water, but you canít make it drink...

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