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Thread: New underwear please

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    Re: New underwear please

    When I cut the chain off my swing arm and laid it on a flat surface I was able to prove with a spirit level that the chain side had been pulled vertically up and out of line.
    A friend on here pointed me in the direction of a breakers site and I have managed to buy a Daeg swing arm from a later model and including the shipping less than £230 so well pleased.
    I have been so impressed with the help received from guys on here (including some who are no longer here ! Or are they lol).
    I am sure there will be import duties from the land of the fat and the Trump which is where it is coming from lol.

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    Re: New underwear please

    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Frog View Post
    .... (including some who are no longer here ! Or are they lol)....
    Great update, I hope it will go together well.
    I am excited to learn that the Bicycle Repairman is here and lurking, I was hoping he would have change of hart. Cheers!
    Polish onslaught can lead a horse to water, but you canít make it drink...

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