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Thread: Rear Paddock Stand

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    Rear Paddock Stand

    Hey guys, gutted to hear the forum is closing, I know I'm not on here that often but since getting the bike a year ago I've always been able to dip in and pick up great help and advice. Thanks all!

    But I totally get it, I'm involved in a classic car group for my other love, and the forum there is struggling too with so many 'clubs' popping up on Facebook.

    Anyway, before you go wondering if I can get a last bit of advice.

    I have a rear paddock stand, a bit like this with hooks and bobbins.


    I had it for my ZX9r and 7r previous to that and it was fine. But I find it really hard to use on the ZRX, only used it a few times.

    But I gather the geometry of the ZRX is different hence making in more difficult to confidently get the bike on the stand.

    I think I'd rather one with fixed position forks than the dangling hooks I currently have like so:


    But before I part with any money can anyone recommend a specific brand/type that is tried and tested for the ZRX. A few guys overseas have mentioned Pitbull, but can't find any suppliers of those for UK.

    Thanks in Advance, and thanks for the pointers over the past year.

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    Re: Rear Paddock Stand

    I do not like to use the rear stand myself. I have 2 old Toyota pickup screw jacks that I place under bobbins. Simply dial by hand and slowly rise bike up.
    I use front paddock stand with pivot pin attachment. This works well with screw jacks. It's a Venom brand or something like that cheapo.
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    Re: Rear Paddock Stand

    An expensive option that many members used over the years was an Abba Stand from with the fitting kit for the ZRX. Pricey though.

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    Re: Rear Paddock Stand

    I have one like this (similar to the one you posted a picture of):

    With a couple of bobbins on the swing arm it works great on the ZRX. Just measure up the width to check this particular one is ok with the Rex but it's a good price if it does and like I say looks identical to the one I use. Holds the bike nice and firm when doing chain adjustment etc.

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