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Thread: ZRX Handlebar question

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    ZRX Handlebar question

    hi everyone,

    So does anyone know if you cut the welded-in nuts off the end of the standard handlebars, do the bars have a 17mm internal diameter? Has anyone tried doing that at all?

    I'm after fitting some bar end mounted handguard things and they've an expanding part that needs to slide into bars that have a 17mm internal diameter.

    Failing that anyone know which OEM bars are loosely similar to the standard ones, and where I can get a some?

    thanks in advance!


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    Re: ZRX Handlebar question

    Can you not just swap the handguard fittings to a bolt that fits the standard bars? ..If you go the handlebar swap route Hunters or Bikesport on Westgate road sell alloy mx bars for about 25 that will do the job.

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    Re: ZRX Handlebar question

    Just use the standard bolt or if theyr not long enough buy some longer ones.Handlebars are normally swapped out for the obligatory gold,blue,green or pink renthals
    mt space.......

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    Re: ZRX Handlebar question

    Quote Originally Posted by ron1 View Post
    alloy mx bars for about 25 that will do the job.
    Only thing with using MX bars on a road bike is they're so bloody uncomfortable. Theyre too straight for a road bike, as the bends are designed for standing over the top of them as you do on a crosser, not behind them like on a road bike.
    Renthal road bars are the same price, look pretty much the same & are a damn sight more comfortable

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