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Thread: Front mud guard question.

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    Front mud guard question.

    has anyone fitted a different front guard on a 11/12 ? I need a new one and 11/12 are around 100 but the zxr 400 are about 20 and look almost identical

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    Re: Front mud guard question.

    The 400 runs a narrower section front tyre. It has a 110 where the 1200 etc has a 120 Its unlikely to fit properly

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    Re: Front mud guard question.

    At that price I'd be tempted to give it a go just for a punt.

    Even if it's 10mm out at the forks, that's only 5mm each side that it needs to flex to be able to bolt it in place.

    As long as it clears the tyre as above, then you'd be ok. Not perfect, but a cheap alternative if you can't find a replacement.

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