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Thread: Modified ZRX1200R

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    Norf Lundun

    Modified ZRX1200R

    Hi all,

    Most of you know this bike and I tested the waters a while back as I intend moving to France and they don't like modified bikes. I am still not due to leave and I was considering leaving it in the UK for my return trips anyway, but I actually keep it at my parents garage and they have a need for the space in the near future so unfortunately it has to go.

    If someone from here wants it pretty soon for 4k it's theirs. If there's no interest it's going on the Autotrader for 4.5k

    Kawasaki ZRX1200R
    2001 Y plate
    18,500 miles
    Very Good Condition
    Bridgestone BT023 tyres with approx 2.5k on them.
    It comes with a genuine Tony Archer modified seat 'and' a cut down original.

    The bike can be viewed in Beaconsfield, Bucks. drop me a line if interested.

    "Just had new MOT this week & a Full service including brake overhauls 2.5k ago.

    Suspension Work Carried Out By Ross at :

    All Engineering Work Carried Out By Two Wheel Engineering at :
    (They carry many photos of the work undertaken on this bike)

    The bike is Dyno’d at 129BHP

    The bike is serviced annually by a HD / Kawasaki trained mechanic
    He currently works at Pembray Racing Circuit fine tuning Race Bikes

    Front End
    ZX9B2 USD Forks with KTech Internals fitted and serviced by Ohlins & KTech trained suspension technician.
    Nissin 4 Pots GSXR fitment (much improved over OE Tokiko 6 pots)
    Custom made calliper carriers
    HEL Braided Brake & Clutch lines throughout.
    Top Yoke Modded ZXR750 to retain correct steering geometry
    Bottom Yoke Modded ZX9B2 to retain correct steering geometry
    Steering Stem is Original ZRX press fitted
    Renthal ultra low Bars & Risers fitted with Renthal grips

    Custom Frame Bungs
    R&G Racing Crash Bungs (Black)
    Custom Braided Oil Lines x2
    Engine Casings now all black and not bronze
    Radiator Brackets now all black not chromed
    K&N Oil Breather/Crankcase Filter x 1
    Ted 383’s Fender Eliminator Kit (removes end of long rear mudguard & makes back end sexy)
    Ted 383’s Horn relocation bracket (under cowl)
    LED clock illumination (green)

    Air Box / Carburettors
    Ivan’s Stage 3 Needles and Jets
    Ivan’s Block Off Plates (after emissions octopus is removed this covers rocker cover reed ports)
    K&N Filters x 4
    Ted 383’s Battery Out Kit (under seat conversion you should get a gallon container in there with no problem with the seat fully in place

    Full Akrapovic Road Legal System E stamped approved for road use .Stainless down pipes and Titanium Can (removable baffle under seat)

    KWICK’s, 4 degree ignition advancer (with KTric disconnected)

    KWICK’s, KWICK KILL : Tip Over engine protection Kill Switch (fitted under tank)
    KWICK’s, TENSIONER TAMER: stops tensioner arm hitting the clutch hub and marking/damaging it
    Rolands Lighting Harness Mod: gives full voltage to headlamp bulbs increase brightness by 40%

    Back End
    JMC custom ZRX deep braced swingarm
    ZXR 750 6 INCH Rear Wheel
    ZXR 750 sprocket carrier, calliper carrier: OE Brake Calliper
    Galfer Wavey Disk: ZXR 750 fitment
    TALON Engineering Gold Chain & Sprockets: ZXR 750 fitment

    OHLINS 36PRCLB KA702 : fully adjustable including height (fully serviced by suspension tech as above)

    IMG_2071 by steve, on Flickr

    IMG_2065 by steve, on Flickr

    IMG_2069 by steve, on Flickr

    IMG_2072 by steve, on Flickr

    IMG_2075 by steve, on Flickr

    IMG_2067 by steve, on Flickr

    IMG_2066 by steve, on Flickr

    IMG_2076 by steve, on Flickr

    IMG_2077 by steve, on Flickr

    IMG_2074 by steve, on Flickr

    IMG_2068 by steve, on Flickr

    This one is a video.. Should take you to my Flickr page.
    IMG_2080 by steve, on Flickr
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    Norf Lundun

    Re: Modified ZRX1200R

    Interesting. I know there were two replies to this but they appear to have gone. Anyways, it goes on sale to the general public over the weekend. Enjoy yours, I think it's going to be dry!

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    Re: Modified ZRX1200R

    tiza5ive old bike...rode it once tried buying it a few times but he wouldnt n when i didnt have the cash he did bastid luck.... not got the cash again now but my rex looks similar now..
    would love it...

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