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Thread: YSS Shock Absorbers

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    Re: YSS Shock Absorbers

    I have a YSS shock on one of my old T3 Triumphs & it works well enough - although just how good it is, im not really sure, as ANY new replacement will feel great if the one (s) on the bike is completely knackered, so will have to be an improvement - much like fitting any new tyres will always feel better than 5 year old. bald, worn out rubber, regardless of what they are.
    Ive also thought the stock KYB shocks on a Rex are pretty decent anyway, so if they wern't knackered & worn out, i'd have thought the YSS shocks to be a bit of a sideways move rather than an "upgrade" - just my thoughts though

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    Re: YSS Shock Absorbers

    Overhaul it is then unless lotto comes in at weekend!

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