Hello everyone! My name is Myles but everyone calls me Smyles!

Recently bought my first street bike which is a 2001 zrx1200
I'm extremely happy with it and beyond stoked to have it!
My dad used to collect The original ELRs when i was younger. (I'm 27) And by collect I mean we had 5 in the garage.
All in restored and running condition. They were all eventually sold, and I've always wanted to track one those bikes down and buy it back.
The last bike we had was an 82 Kz1000r..... Which I used to sneak out and ride when nobody was home! HAHAHA
We also had a red 82, or 83 Gpz1100 which was my favorite. My dad recently went to look at an identical Gpz1100 that was for sale, on a recent road trip of his.
The bike wasnt in a state that it could be started or turned over, as the tank was not on it and it had no battery. So his interest in the bike fell. Worried that the motor might be ceased etc.
My dad passed on the purchase but stayed in contact with the seller. The bike was sold but when the seller signed over the title to the buyer, he noticed something crazy.
My dads name was listed on the title as the previous owner!!! My dad went and saw his old Gpz and didnt even know it! Obviously had he known he would have bought it.
Funny how the world works! We are currently attempting to contact the buyer to see if we can buy it from him.

So clearly having this rex, is pretty cool in my eyes. As i grew up staring and dreaming of riding the original bikes.
I hope you enjoyed my story.


I'm also having carb problems with my zrx, and would like to post my troubles with that, in the appropriate place.
Some direction would be very much appreciated.