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Thread: 1200 Original Exhaust system

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    Re: 1200 Original Exhaust system

    Quote Originally Posted by rayburn600 View Post
    Have sent you a private message.
    As said below you can’t send me a pm ��

    Edit ; email addy removed so no spam, I've PM'd the seller with your email for you.
    If you want to put email addy on forum best bet is to put AT instead @ and put spaces in. Just tell people to remove spaces at put the @ in.
    Zrx seller AT gmail DOT com for example.
    Once you get to 20 genuine posts you'll be able to access more of the board and have PMs. It weeds out the spammers etc which we get a fair amount of.
    Cheers, Yox
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    Re: 1200 Original Exhaust system

    Interested if fits a 1100

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    Re: 1200 Original Exhaust system

    tony, I am informed that this will fit your 1100.
    "If you want to fit those 12 headers to your 11 and keep a standard look you will need a 12 standard can".
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