Hi Guys, hope all are well, joined the forum a few months ago but haven't posted, l bought my bike zrx1200r 2006,8500 miles few mods bloke l got it off had done 1000 miles in last 5 years been meaning to get one for ages, , l have been reading your comments "thank you " so l checked the petcock only to find it was dripping in the on/res position in the prime it flowed freely.,So yesterday l sent off for the O rings they arrived today royal mail, inside of tank and tap were clean nothing on filter, old O rings looked ok have stretched the spring slightly 1or2ml if any .will test with petrol in morning. The oil level is the same as when l changed it a week ago done about 40 miles on it, should I change it as a precaution, will try to send picture but somehow l lost all the text, l am not very good at this, regards