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Thread: Fitting Aftermarket Stop Light Microswitch

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    Fitting Aftermarket Stop Light Microswitch

    Problem statement: Front brake stop light microswitch goes bad; after market switches are cheap and plentiful but require fitting.
    When installed as is switch will not activate stop light at the point of breaking. This is particularly an issue when aftermarket stainless brake lines are fitted due to reduced lever travel.

    Visible microswitch activation strut. Objective of this excersize is to match strut lenght with brake levet point of breaking. In simple therms if strut is too long it will not activate under normal breaking

    Solution is to nip it with sharp blade. Support strut on the suitable wooden board and nip it with a blade. Do not cut to much at once, if strut is to short brake light may stay on. Reinstall and retest, cut more if needed.

    When working in bright light, placing suitable board against back of the bike will let you see when brake light comes on.
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