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Thread: Norway 2020

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    Re: Norway 2020

    I've been several times over the years, including taking the 1200S up to Nordkapp (I now take an 800GS so I can explore the gravel). Stunning scenery and relaxed riding. I tend to head North through Sweden and either head west to get to Lofoten (seriously stunning), North to Alta (great canyon road down to Alta and stunning plateaus) or North West to Kirkenes (the real North complete with plenty of reindeer and next to the Russian border). The E6 through Norway is seriously boring until you get up to Mo-i-Rana.

    The Fjords deserve a week on their own. They also have some great tunnels and waterfalls, but the traffic can be frustratingly slow.

    The Scandinavians tend to do long stretches of roadworks where they lay plenty of gravel. If you're lucky it's been well compacted by previous traffic, if not you can end up riding through loose gravel that reaches up to the disks.

    Return trips South through the Fjords and ferry between Kristiansand and Denmark are simple and you're back on motorways all the way home.

    Accommodation is generally 'hutte' , meaning chalets with minimal facilities (bunk beds, power point for charging, hotplate - although some have en-suite) or you can camp. Few campsites have food & drink so you'll need to pop to the shops regularly and take your own cooking equipment. Hotels are available in most towns but are expensive (£100/night) and most can be booked on line

    Mobile phone signals are good everywhere.

    Fuel is easy to come by but you can go 50 miles between petrol stations, so keep topped up. Petrol stations in Finland are often unmanned and don't take UK Credit/Debit cards so you'll need cash. You can get a cheap hotdog and coffee at many petrol stations, particularly the big chains, which is enough to keep you going. The big chains also do a coffee 'pass' where you pay about £15 for a cup and get free coffee for the rest of the trip.

    Some roads include ferries across the fjords. These are generally cheap, frequent, and you can get a cuppa during the generally short crossings. You won't need tie down straps in the fjords, and they're generally provided on the high speed routes (those between countries)

    As noted by others, the weather is changeable but the 'best' dates are late June / early July onwards before the kids are kicked out of school.

    The Rex was great for most of the trip, but there are chunks where the speeds are pretty slow (50/60kph speed limits in the middle of nowhere) or when you're stuck in traffic. It's even fun on the compact gravel. Stay off the main roads and you'll be lucky to see anyone, let alone traffic police and you can have some fun. I found you could easily get 200 miles from a tank before hitting reserve.

    Have fun

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    Re: Norway 2020

    What a great report,thank you I now really want to go.

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