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Thread: Blow back through pod filters.

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    Blow back through pod filters.

    Last winter treated my 97 plate 1100 to individual pod filters and stage 3 dynojet kit. Bike runs great when throttle open. Lately has started to run bit rough in traffic on
    barely open throttle and can now hear the occasional blowback through the filters. Any suggestions or could it be that at 21yr old and 57000 miles that the carbs are maybe just getting worn out. 😎

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    Re: Blow back through pod filters.

    I think (not an expert and been a while since I played with carbs much) a possibility for the carbs "coughing" can be a lean mixture. Since it's at idle could be the pilot screws need a tweak, but I'd rule out issues before going down that route.

    Has the problem been since you installed the jet kit and pods or only just recently and was fine after the install?

    A small air leak in the inlet rubbers could maybe cause it or float bowls not filling fully. My bike is also a 97 with over 50k miles on it and runs sweet as, so it's there should still be life in the old girl, but maybe just needs the carbs pulling off and checking all the jets are clear and there's no leaks on the rubbers.

    Just my thoughts on how I would approach it but as I say I'm no expert so others may have better idea's.

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    Re: Blow back through pod filters.

    I also doubt the carbs are worn out but would suggest the pilot circuits are getting gummed/pilot jet(s) starting to collect varnish/debris in them.

    As such they could be getting ready for a clean (although I just fit new jets as ive never had a lot of joy cleaning them) albeit it would be worth whipping them out and having a look and a squirt with cleaner although if they are getting bad enough to bog the motor then I would also recommend a thorough ultrasonic clean of the carbs (please dont just squirt an aerosol through the carbs themselves) which is clearly easier if you have pods anyway.

    That said, what is the condition of the O rings on the pilots as I recall Kev having slow running issues and it was indeed the O rings that had perished which is the place I would start first.

    Apologies if it sounds like im teaching the art of egg sucking but with pods you can drop the filters, release the clips to the head and pull them back and out to the RH side without disconnecting the cables - then simply turn them upwards so the pilot screws (or indeed the float bowls if you wanted a tinker with the slow running jets) are easily accessible.
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