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Thread: Samco hoses

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    Samco hoses

    Looking to purchase samco hose kit.
    Would appreciate a few opininions on wheter to go for the four main hose kit or the eight hose kit which includes the carb de-icer hoses.
    My opinion at present is the four hose kit as i cant seem to justify the price difference between the two.
    I see the four hose kit on ebay for £68 is that about right.
    What have people fitted and opinions please.

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    Re: Samco hoses

    I bought small set on sale but I wish I had big set. I ended up buying small pieces separately from Kawi. Perhaps check what is more cost efficient on your market.

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    Re: Samco hoses

    I put roose motorsport on mine, if memory serves me right it was £50 for the four or the ones that you can see. Iím sure I went for these because they were cheaper. And they do the same job.
    see ya on the road skag

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    Re: Samco hoses

    I’ve just bought a Samco 4 hose set from Racebikebitz for £62 including postage and vat, like you I couldn’t justify the extra for the de-icer pipes which were in good condition anyway.

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