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Thread: Selling your bike in the UK

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    Selling your bike in the UK

    no comments please WJ

    Carol Nash,my refund is 56 for taking my bike of the policy

    they are sending me 12 the rest they take in brokers fee.

    they already stung me for adding the bike a month or so ago.

    i found out the average price for bike repatriation is about 800 if your bikes worth more they will bring it back.

    One very good thing I found DVLA was very simple and quick to change ownership and refund road tax [which I had forgotten to do].

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    Re: Selling your bike in the UK

    Not many good words to be heard re Nash these days. I went back to them (after the great price I had on a few UJM's) to insure my EXUP on a modern classic policy and after joining a forum found I'd paid about 100 to much.

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    Re: Selling your bike in the UK

    Quote Originally Posted by Steady Eddie View Post
    Not many good words to be heard re Nash these days.
    Seems it's across the board too.

    About 10 years ago I wouldn't go anywhere else (and knew others who were the same). Usually a decent service, good quotes and good cover with breakdown etc.

    A mate who's still with them recently had his bike pinched and they are messing him around a fair bit. Quotes are not competitive at all and the service seems to have gone downhill rapidly.

    I gave BeMoto a ring (any fans of 44Teeth on YouTube will have probably seen them - you get a deal if you mention 44Teeth when getting a quote), and they were really good. Reminded me of CN back in the early days when they were a good company to deal with.

    Seemed pretty friendly on the phone, no BS or trying to flog stuff you don't need, and the package is aimed specifically at bikers with all the stuff included such as breakdown and legal cover etc.

    Not saying they'll be right for everyone but I got a good multibike deal with them.

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    Re: Selling your bike in the UK

    It’s a pity but it’s Carol Nash in name only nowadays.

    what surprised me was how easy it was to use the DVLA website that’s a big win.

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