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Thread: Lithium Battery

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    Re: Lithium Battery

    Whatever manufacturer you buy, make sure it is a LiFePO4 battery. LiFePO4 is Lithium Iron Phospate for those who don't have chemistry

    There are lots of lithium (ion AND Iron) batteries out there and many different types. LiFePO4 are the best for motorcycle use. Stay away from JMT lithium batteries. They look OK but are built to a price and have no internal BMS (that is battery management system).

    The BMS is what stops lithium batteries exploding if overcharged by the wrong type of battery charger, or is short circuited. A fairly hefty omission really. It saves about $5 on the manufacture if it is omitted ....

    The vast majority of lithium batteries are all made by a company called Skyrich and then rebranded (in fact JMT are Skyrich too - but downspec'd as I said)

    I use a Shido lithium on mine, pretty shit hot at what it does really. (Still made by Skyrich mind) Shido are top spec and not overpriced.

    Budget for a proper lithium charger though, cos despite what some manufacturers bullshits claims say (until you read their small print) ...they are NOT the same as for lead acid type batteries. The wrong charger can be a fire risk and can fuck up your expensive LI battery.

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    Re: Lithium Battery

    Thanks again John and Charlie

    Had a chat with Nigel (z1racer) last night who runs a JMT on his with no dramas (I believe KTM and Ducati use these as oem) but I had heard about issues with lack of BMS and the lithium Iron being troublesome.

    I do like the idea of the weight and size saving tho but just have the pico concern with the GPS speedo losing its memory

    I do have a lithium charger as my charger was US so thought I would buy one that would do both (albeit I know that the ones John has have a bespoke charger)

    Decision time soon I guess
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    Re: Lithium Battery

    Quote Originally Posted by ZRXNige View Post
    Thanks again John and Charlie

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