So I've got the ZZR's carbs on and all working pretty well - idle is all sweet and pulls nice.

The only issue is it's running pretty rich on the mains (mid to high rpms) - I have a wideband in the exhaust with AFR gauge so I can monitor what's happening as I ride so I can see it's rich.

I'd be happy with an AFR around 13-13.5 but it drops as low as 11 sometimes, so thinking of dropping the mains to a smaller size - the needle is at rock bottom by the way.

I checked and the current ones are 185's which seem massive, but I know different companies have different numbers sometimes, so wanted to check if anyone else knows what might be a good size jet to have as a baseline.

Have a full akra system running pods, but otherwise the engine is stock. I'm thinking of trying around 160, does that sound about right to anyone who's dabbled in this - just don't want to keep having to buy loads of jets in trial and error.

Cheers all.