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Thread: Mixture adjusting screws.

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    Re: Mixture adjusting screws.

    Carb mixture needs to be set up on the bike with the engine running preferably with a colour tune plug or alternatively by ear. 2 and 1/2 turns out may be a good starting point but mine ran shite until I tried setting to 2 turns out, but will see if I can fine tune while the engine is running if I can find a tool to allow small adjustments on a hot engine.
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    Re: Mixture adjusting screws.

    This is what I use / made.
    Screwdriver bit with a clutch cable adjuster and a bit of JB Weld.
    Used it for 20 years on many bikes............but with this ZRX1200R A6F its not possible as the fuel solenoids get in the way !

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