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Thread: Assorted Items for Sale

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    Assorted Items for Sale

    These are all surplus to requirements after my build....

    1. Stock ZRX1100 Seat, no rips. The underside is a bit grubby... 75
    2. 2 x Side Pods. Paint is a bit bobbly on one, but both posts solid and nothing is broken. (2000 1100 colour scheme)... 40 for the pair
    3. Tail Piece - good condition, one crack on one part only. Bit of wear, but fundamentally fine. 70
    4. Used Hoses - still usable, bit grubby - 15
    5. Head Gasket - brand new Genuine Kwak - these are 56 from the dealer- 40
    6. 1100 Fuel Sender Unit, new retaining screws, plastic cover - genuine Kwak - 97 from the dealer - 75
    7. Fuel Tank..This was my original, full of holes and completely rusty inside. It has been stripped, every hole welded up. The bottom was cut out and the inside completely cleaned and rewelded together. Relined fully inside. It is covered in some sort of preservative (fermdol or something like that). It will need cleaning and fully prepping for paint, including filler, sanding and what not. As you cannot find a brand new tank for love or money, this is your next best if you want a project. This work cost me 500 to have done. So i'll take offers... but decent offers please only.

    Pics below.







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    Re: Assorted Items for Sale

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