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Thread: My new purchase!

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    Re: My new purchase!

    Well, small update...

    Have acquired a front end from a ZX9R (B4 model), so got USD Gold forks, lovely green wheel, brake discs, 6 pot tokico's, triple tree and mudguard... Trying to find R1 or R6 front end's seems to be mission impossible in the UK... So this came up and I thought worst case, I can flog it on here for someone to USD their Rex!

    Anyway, after much titting about with stems (it is too wide and too short for the XV750, i've worked out through various measurements that the triple tree offset, diameter between the forks etc is identical to the 98-2002 R1. So i'm about to acquire an R1 triple tree and a lovely company in the USA makes a ready made replacement stem, press out/press the new one in and correct bearings to boot. So thats about to get ordered.

    I did have a little tinker with my old Rex forks to mock it up.. doesnt look too bad... Once i've got the stem/tree sorted, I'll start stripping it back properly... am shitting it on the electrics... as there is much stuff to do...

    I've also booked myself on a learn to weld course... having never welded once in my life.. so learning new skills as well..

    With the Rex Forks.

    With the USD gold forks (just leaning against frame... hence it looks a bit high)

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    Re: My new purchase!

    Lookin' good
    Bloody Foreigner

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