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Nope...those brain cells died years ago

Think the 'reserve' ZZR tap pipe was too high, so you'd never use all the ZRX tank reserve....or something
The guy that originally posted up about this conversion, said to remove the main filter in the ZZR tap. Then to use the tap as per the ZRX configuration. Down for ON and up for RES.
This meant the small reserve filter in the ZZR tap became the main filter and the unfiltered main side became the reserve feed, (about 2 miles worth). (Are you with me?)
Then he realised you could just swap the filters over shorten the main to same length as ZRX and use the tap as normal ZRX configuration. Up ON-Down Res .
I decided not to fook about with the filters as the reserve is stuck in and just use as ZZR configuration. (Are you with me?)