Been looking for a 50cc bike for my son who will be 16 in 3 months time so thought I would start the search as there doesn't seem to be much choice when it comes to geared bikes, well not in my price range anyway. 2599 for a new 50cc Reija!!!!!!!! Utter madness, even the cheaper AJS range are 2k!!!

Anyway scanning Ebay found a Taiwanese CPI SM50 (Supermoto style) 2013 plate with 6500 miles on it but as spares or repair as it appeared to have an electrical fault. Put my bid in and won the auction.

So arrange to collect this bike from little place just outside Taunton which is a good 2 hours from Southampton. Got in my van last night as I work in Salisbury so its already part way there and find the guys house. Take a look around the bike and exchange cash for the V5C. Whilst in conversation this guy, Lawrence, says "got a few other bikes in the garage" and one just happens to be a ZRX1100. Well that was it, 20 minutes of standing in a freezing cold garage admiring his lovely condition 11, in the best colour of course, GREEN!

"Love this bike and certainly won't be getting rid of this one!" is what Lawrence says during our conversation and I think that is a statement most of us would use regarding our REX's I know I certainly do. Anyway nice to meet a fellow rexer and nice bloke.

Now I have to get my multi-meter out and go and stand in a freezing cold garage to find the fault and get it ready for March. My boy is champing at the bit to hear it up and running so he is going to start learning some spannering