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Thread: Tyres

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    Re: Tyres

    I know tyre threads have been done to death and many on here are now experts….but that shouldn’t result in the masses turning their backs on other members (possibly some new to the forum who perhaps haven’t witnessed previous tyre discussions) if they have asked a genuine question.

    Chevril asked an honest question so why shouldn’t we answer it fairly or at least open the discussion for their benefit ?

    If there are people who are bored or cant be arsed with the subject because ‘its been done quite a few times’ then is it not better to just stay out of it and let the original poster benefit from asking their question and hopefully getting some advice (surely one of the main benefits to any forum) rather than make snide remarks potentially making the OP feel foolish for even asking ?

    That’s how forums lose members….

    Finally while I agree with other comments that generally ‘most people’ (including myself….I don’t paint myself as Valentino Rossi..) wont feel any difference if they mix tyre brands, its foolish to just ‘generalise’ and state that ‘its fine’ without taking into account the implications of slippery insurance accident assessors looking for ‘any’ reason to get out of a payout.

    Its not illegal to mix brands. BUT…..I would like to see anybody on here get actual factual evidence from any manufacturer stating that they have no issue with mixing brands AND actually encourage it. I am sure every major brand out there will state they would advise against mixing even if its not illegal….probably on the grounds of mixing individual brands technologies and designs….as previously mentioned.

    The following links also suggest a grey area…..and ironically CONTINENTAL (accoladed above in previous posts) specifically suggest against it.

    I was merely offering experience and advice for the benefit of others who had asked. Didn’t realise there was a crime against that.

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    Re: Tyres

    Well I'd say its a non-issue having mixed many tyres on many different bikes over the years its never caused me a problem. As to the supposed insurance issue I've never had an insurance firm show the slightest bit of interest in the brand of my tyres after several accidents I've had in the past, hell on a 3rd party policy you struggle even getting them to show an interest in inspecting your bike after a collision! Most of the claims I've had in the past were usually settled based on parts invoices and my own photos. I suppose if you're the sort who's likely to be claiming off his own policy for his own self-inflicted damages it may be different though...
    I think a lot of this 'you can't mix 'em' bollocks is just motorcycle industry stuff intended to get you to buy more than you need, really just another way of making biking more expensive than it needs to be...

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    Re: Tyres

    Quote Originally Posted by Meerkat View Post
    I would like to see anybody on here get actual factual evidence from any manufacturer stating that they have no issue with mixing brands
    They are trying to sell their tyres. That's what they do.....

    What you originally said re mixing tyres had nothing to do with insurance, it was about safety. And I repeat, as long the tyres are in decent nick and properly fitted it will be fine. Agree with Chris.

    And btw I personally welcome all points of view.

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