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Thread: Photobucket fix

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    Photobucket fix

    Saw this on another forum - brings back all those blocked Photobucket pix

    If you're using Google Chrome, go to the three dots / bars on the right side of the screen and click them. A drop down should appear. Hover your mouse over "Tools," and when the next drop down appears, click on extensions. Go to the link towards the bottom that says "Get more extensions." In the search box, type "Photobucket Hotlink Fix," and hit enter. Click the install button and once it's done, you should be able to see photobucket pictures again.

    For FireFox users, click on the three bars on the right side of the screen, then click on add ons. Click search for "photobucket hotlink" and click install. Same result.

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    Norf Lundun

    Re: Photobucket fix

    Nice one. Works well, thanks.

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