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Thread: ZX10 cams

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    ZX10 cams


    Are the 1989 ZX10 cams the same spec as ZZR1100 cams?
    I have a couple of sets of ZX10 cams and am pretty sure that I've read somewhere on this forum that they are indeed the same.
    I've done a search on "ZX10" but come up with nothing.
    Sorry if it's been covered before but I just can't find any posts relating to this.

    Regards Will
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    Re: ZX10 cams

    I seem to remember there is a very good cam measurement guide on the Zrxoa in

    the intake and exhaust section . I think the zx10 cams are milder than the zzr11 ones imsmc .

    Hcw's . Innovator or Imitator, what are you ?

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