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Thread: Helle a ZRX driver from Germany

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    Helle a ZRX driver from Germany

    My name is Robert and I come from Germany. I have a total of 4 ZRXen. A ZRX400 I have been about 3 weeks, a ZRX 1100 I have about 1.5 years, this I have rebuilt again after an accident, this is now my son, unfortunately only with a performance restriction on 34 HP, but the next year comes Restraint my son can drive without performance restriction.
    Then I bought one another ZRX1200 R as an accident machine about 3 years ago this I have again rebuilt and a little rebuilt lol. This machine I have built as N model, in this I have installed ZZR 1400 rims, complete Akrapovic system and the carburetor other need.
    In 2007, I bought one of the last ZRX 1200R machines available on the market as a new vehicle. This is almost original except for a complete Akrapovic system and kellerman turn signals.

    I would like to apologize my english, because I have to work with a translator.

    In a German forum I am also only unfortunately there is very few ZRX400. I would be glad if I would learn about this forum a lot more about the ZRX400 and help me with a possible Ersatzleil search.

    Best regards

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    Re: Helle a ZRX driver from Germany


    Sie sind herzlich willkommen Sir (und Ihr Englisch sieht gut aus hier)

    welcher Teil von Deutschland sind Sie aus wie ein paar von uns hier ein wenig Wissen über Ihr Land und Bilder von Ihren Motorrädern sind ebenfalls willkommen.

    Ich hoffe auch, dass mein Übersetzer auch gearbeitet hat

    Incredible that a man struggling with English takes the trouble to post such a decent intro don't you think
    What Goes Around..........!!!

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    Re: Helle a ZRX driver from Germany

    Willkommen Robert

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    east of holland 50feet from the german border

    Re: Helle a ZRX driver from Germany

    Hiya matey, I'm looking into Germany as I type..........nice weather we're having today isn't it? Located in Emmerik/s-Heerenberg me self....

    Nice intro BTW, you need owt translated, give me a shout.

    Birdie num num........

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