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Thread: Beowulf stainless pipes and can?

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    Beowulf stainless pipes and can?

    $T2eC16F,!zUE9s38-OEgBQ,wlo2pWQ~~60_12.JPG Just bought this stainless exhaust. Seller reckoned the pipes are also made by Beowulf. Know they did make pipes few years ago. Anyone know if they are or what make they might be. Just curious as happy with them either way, more stuff to fit over the winter!
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    Re: Beowulf stainless pipes and can?

    beowulf haven't made headers for a zrx they've only made the end cans , they was one on Ebay a couple of years ago saying it was a beowulf system , so i phoned Beowulf up to see if they have made headers for a Zrx in the past , and the answer was no , hope this helps


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