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Thread: *************OUR RULES - PLEASE READ*************

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    *************OUR RULES - PLEASE READ*************


    We have very few rules. We like it that way but here are the few we do have, please abide by them. Bans WILL be imposed for a duration (decided by Admin/Moderators) for incorrect use of the board.

    1. You need "20 proper posts" and you'll need to have been joined for a minimum of seven days to get into member areas. Please don't try to cheat the system as this will result in a permaban. This includes repying 'Hello and Welcome' e.t.c. to every other new member on the board. If you are found to have multiple accounts all but the newest will be deleted.

    2. No Flaming. While we accept good-natured name-calling, teasing, ribbing, jokes, and occasional heated arguments in the forums, we will not tolerate derogatory flames and gratuitous racial and religious insults. Such posts will be deleted on sight and moderated accordingly. If you flame a moderator or admin immediate account suspension will ensure

    3. No adult content (nudity etc) or links to it on any part of the site is allowed except in the "Open forum", this includes avatars etc.
    Reason:- People view at work or may have children in the room when viewing.

    4. No Signature Abuse. All signatures must be no bigger than 550 X 150 (this includes texts in your sig area as well) and under 1.5megs in file size. DO NOT link off-site in signatures UNLESS you own the site. Reason: Having a large singature image increases page load times for everyone and means much more scrolling to read messages.

    5. No Spamming and No Trolling (Malicious or overtly antagonistic attacks on other members just for the sake of it) This determination is made by the forum Moderators or Administrators and is not up for discussion.

    6. Rules in Section Stickys. There are specific concerns under each Section (i.e., Classifieds, Discussion, The Shop e.t.c. ). Take the time to read them so that you can avoid wasted time and effort in erroneous posts.

    7. Activate your PM! if we can't contact you to tell you of a rule violation you made we will not be able to warn you, your account will be suspended accordingly.

    We are very welcoming to new members but some people have been abrupt with their first post, wanting information without so much as a "hello". It doesn't go down well with members who would be happy to help if the new member has the right attitude (some manners).
    It's a good idea to post an intro as your 1st post, look at other intros and you'll get an idea of what to post.

    When you join the site you are a "new member".
    After 20 posts and 7 days on the board you become a "full member" and have access to the member only areas of the board. Please note, it can take a while for the database to refresh when you reach 20 posts.

    When you are a full member you can request access to the "Open forum". The Open forum has adult content that is legal in the UK and there may be subjects that are more controvercial than those seen in the Rexers Return, only ask for access if you are not easily offended.
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