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Thread: The Kawasaki ZRX Owners Club (ZRXOC)

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    Exclamation The Kawasaki ZRX Owners Club (ZRXOC)

    The ZRXOC started life as a small band of Rexers on an ezboard messaging system run by a sole Administrator. In November 2002, REXER, Gibbo and Dino were banned from the site by its Admin and decided to set up their own ZRX Enthusiasts' board with ezboard. A number of members then migrated over - these original founding members are still shown with blue or red glows around their usertitles - and the ZRX Owners Club became established and grew and grew. Along the way Nigel, Purge, RHM and Whitey joined the admin team and Gibbo stepped down.
    June 2009 saw TI GG RRRRRRRRRR join the Admin Team
    Late March 2012 Pal, Yox and TheGrimReaper join the Admin Team

    In June 2005, due to ezboard's incompetence and with the support of its members, the ZRXOC moved to our present web site hosts.

    Although UK-based, the ZRX Owners Club has members from the US, Australasia and Europe and has links with the ZRX Owners Association in the US and the ZRX Club de France.

    The ZRXOC holds regular meetings and ride-outs around the UK including its Spring Meeting at the Ace Café, London and its Birthday Meeting in Medbourne, Leicestershire. A (not so) small bunch of members form Team Phat Bastid, our trackday contingent.

    Membership of the ZRXOC is free - although donations to support the club's web site are always welcomed - and members with more than 20 messages posted on the Board get access to the full member sections where a host of valuable technical information (as well as a load of old codswallop) can be found.
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