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Thread: Today's Forecast: Just Blue Skies

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    Today's Forecast: Just Blue Skies

    Need to check the weather for a ride-out or trackday?

    Try here:

    Just change the post code for where you're heading for.

    ZRXOC Meetings:

    Race Tracks:

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    Today's Forecast: Just Blue Skies Yeah Right

    THIS is essential during this so called summer.

    Its a direct link to the satellite's website and far more use than the MetOffice website radar imagery. It's also quite teccy if you like that kind of thing. Use the Europe Western column: RGB Airmass and MPE Prod are useful.

    By exploring further and using the animations at 12 or 25 fps and the water vapour image you can see how a system has built up, and therefore where tis headed.

    The other big bonus is that by using different sectors you can check out the whole of Europe and N.Africa and further afield.
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