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Thread: FAQ. How to post pictures on this site.

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    Exclamation FAQ. How to post pictures on this site.

    There are basically two different ways to put pictures in your posts on this site, both of which are childs play when you get the hang of them.

    Method 1
    Adding a file as an attachment to your post with a clickable thumbnail image.

    This assumes that the image is already saved on your own computer and is by no means as complicated as it sounds.
    Type your text into your post as you would normally. Before clicking on "Submit new thread/add reply" scroll down a bit further and under the Additional Options/attach files click on the button marked "Manage attachments"
    A new window opens up which allows you to browse your comupter for the desired image and then upload it. Once done, close that window and add post.
    You won't be able to preview your post with the attached file but don't worry about it. If there are any problems with the image with it being too large it simply won't upload and you'll need to use Method 2. Most images apart from perhaps those taken at high resoulution with a digital camera can be uploaded in this way.

    Method 2

    Direct linking to an image.

    Use this option to put images directly into your posts, either hosted by yourself (see notes) or "borrowed" form elsewhere on the web.
    Type your post out as normal up to the point at which you'd like to add your image.
    Click the Insert Image button and a dialogue box opens up, asking you for the URL of the image. (see notes)
    Type or paste it here and click OK. Job done.

    Hosting your own images.

    There are many online image hosting services available on the web, some free, some not and some better than others regarding limitations of use.
    First you'll need to register and signup for an account. (Not complicated, I managed it)
    The sites are simple to use and all the buttons are self explanatory.
    Once you have uploaded a couple of images (you can upload as many as 10 at a time) you should see a gallery of thumbnails. Clicking any of these generates 4 lines of code.
    To keep things simple you want to copy the top line as your image URL. Paste this into the dialogue box after clicking and continue as outlined above. Job done.

    You can also use our Photobucket integration once you've typed your post, under the Additional Options section there's a link to Add Images From Photobucket.

    Feel free to experiment with your new found skills in the Computer Problems & Test Post Area forum. That's what it's here for.

    Your ISP may have provided you with your own webspace which could be used to host images. The format of these can vary greatly so I would suggest you consult your ISPs help pages.
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    Re: FAQ. How to post pictures on this site.

    those that use should note that it is now shut.

    Try here instead.......
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    Re: FAQ. How to post pictures on this site.

    I have tryed to load photos but keep getting error come up

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    Re: FAQ. How to post pictures on this site.

    Where is the additional options/add files cant find it. Has it been changed.?

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    Re: FAQ. How to post pictures on this site.

    When you hit reply, there is a menu bar at the top.

    Click on 3rd icon from the right and this should let you attach images (albeit there are limits to their size)

    I use photobucket that is easier (I think) but I did need help setting that up so maybe it isn't but it has no limits per se
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