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Thread: Please read before using this forum

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    Talking Please read before using this forum

    Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any deals that go bad. Please take all normal precautions that you would do with any internet deal. Most members here know other members and will vouch for them so if you are not sure, do some research before parting with your hard earned. We have been "used" by ZRX parts owners who do not want to be a part of the board but only want to use the site to sell stuff.

    All we ask is that new members introduce themselves and become part of our community before diving headlong into selling on the board.
    Thanks :nigel:

    Following a couple of suggestions by members, you might find it useful to mention where the item(s) for sale are located so someone local to you might be more inclined to buy them.

    This is a board for anyone but most members are in the UK. To sell large items/bikes from America please go to our friends at ZRXOA.

    Please restrict any chat to questions to the seller about the items being sold. Any general chat may be removed at Admin / Moderator discretion.
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    Re: Please read before using this forum

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