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Thread: YouTube and Google video links

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    YouTube and Google video links

    If you wanna link to any YouTube or Google stuff two tools have been added to help you in the toolbar above the new post text box. The other end to B I U - e.t.c.

    Here is how to do it. I will use a YouTube video as an example

    1. Post the link like this:


    2. Remove everything before the '=' like this:


    3. Highlight the above code and click the YouTube button in the toolbar so you get this:

    [Y T]Y5koJR2NN1M[/Y T] (without the spaces)

    4. Add the rest of your post and press Submit.

    5. Sit back and watch what was this:

    Turn into this:

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    Re: YouTube and Google video links

    We're also running as a trial automatically linking-in videos from YouTube when they're "tagged" as ZRX, ZRX1200R or ZRX1100.

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