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Photobucket Integration

Each ZRXOC Member has a little under 5MB of storage space on the ZRXOC server for images. Each image then has a size restriction, both in terms of file sizes and physical dimensions. To add to this, you can always upload images to your own webspace provided by your Internet Services Provider or you can upload images to an online photo hosting service like Google's Picasa, Photobucket or ImageShack.

You then embed those images by using the Insert Image button above the Message itself and entering the URL for the image.

To make this easier, we've now integrated with Photobucket (ImageShack had too much spyware). To upload an image from your computer to Photobucket and include it in a new message or reply, follow these steps:

  • Click on the New Thread button to start a new message thread or click on the Post Reply button to reply to an existing one.
  • Type in your Title and your Message in the relevant boxes, then scroll down to the Additional Options section.
  • Above the Attach Files section (where you can upload images to your allowance on the ZRXOC server), there should be a section called Photobucket Images.
  • Click on the link which says Add Image From Photobucket to start up the Photobucket integration - this will take you back up to the top of the page, so you'll need to scroll back down again.
  • If you're not already logged in to Photobucket, fill in your Photobucket Username and Password if you've already registered with them or you can click on the Register Now hyperlink to start a new, free Photobucket account (that you can upgrade later to a premium account if you want).
  • Once you're logged in to Photobucket, you can either use one of the photos already in your Photobucket account or you can click on the Browse button to search your computer for the image or video you want to upload before you press the Upload Image button to upload it to your photobucket account.
  • Now select the image or video you want to embed in your message and some code will appear in the box next to where it says URL: starting with [IMG]http:// Either click in this code box and press Ctrl and C (on a PC) or right-click in the code box and select Copy from the context menu.
  • Now scroll back up to your message, place the cursor where you want your image to go and press Ctrl and V (on a PC) to paste the code into the message.
  • Finally, press either the Submit New Thread or Submit Reply button and Robert's your father's brother!

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