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17th February 2006, 03:21 PM
This is also posted in suppliers who get it wrong, so sorry if anyone feels this is overkill by putting it here as well.

Recentley saw an add for blueflame exhausts which stated buying from them was hassle free. I would disagree....I had loads of hassle trying to get my money back when the can was delivered late and damaged. It took best part of a month to get a refund and I had to do all the chasing (over 20 phone calls and about 5 emails).

They always say the best way to find out whether a company is customer friendly is to talk to someone whose had a complaint - well in blueflames case all I can say is they have a poor attitude towards customers who are returning products.

Now im sure some of you out there are running blue flame cans and i dont want to start an argument about how good or bad they are, im simply letting you know that when i had a problem with a damaged can the customer service was poor.

Ive had cans from quill, arrow and devil in the past and the only time i needed to contact one of them was when the bolts supplied with a quill can were missing and they suppplied them next day delivery and included a free t-shirt.

Blueflame were unhelpfull, passed the buck from dept to dept and took time sorting out a refund. Also if you buy of thier website 10.00 of the price of the can is for the pleasure of using 'world pay' and is not refundable.

I also thought the can was no where near the quality of cans by quill or devil...but thats a personal opinion.

If you have a blueflame can and have no problems with delivery or returns then cool.

ZRX Gremlin
17th February 2006, 04:30 PM
An old employer of mine once told me that a customer with a problem can turn into your most valued customer if you handle the situation correctly.

I've since experienced this many times.

One particular supplier that I now use on a regular basis did cause me a bit of grief. They were a relatively new company at the time so mistakes were bound to happen. They assumed full liability for the problem with no quibbles, were courteous, swift and efficient at sorting the problem and ensured customer satisfaction. I've continued to use this company, and recommend them, over the years, safe in the knowledge that if there is another problem it'll get sorted in a similar manner. (Customer confidence/loyalty, nobody can buy that).

On the other side of the coin, there is another company who I swear I'll never use again, who after keeping me waiting weeks for a special order from Germany, managed to deliver the wrong part. :mad:
Apparently I'd ordered the wrong part. :shoot: (as if)
Then we get the old familiar "I'll check with our accounts dept. and call you back" malarkey........................:blahblah:
Long story short. Goods ordered in October, finally delivered end of Feb. There were two items on that order and they managed to botch up the other part too.

Salop Dave
18th February 2006, 08:03 AM
The idea is that you want to sell goods that don't come back to customers that do!

A complaint is indeed a chance to impress, but be quick, bad news travels much quicker than good!!

Here endeth todays lesson!

18th February 2006, 11:25 AM

It's thought that if you have one bad experience of service, then you tell at least 8 people, especially restaurant service.

18th February 2006, 11:51 AM
The customer is usually right.
Alot of companies forget it is the customer who pay the wages in reality.
If they don't sell things then no money in.
The big corporates are the worse especially if you are dealing over the phone.
Mind you the best way to complain is not by shouting but talking normally, tehy will listen.
Mind you shouting certainly does feel good :)